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Telugu film super star SUMAN who has done over 200 movies including the hit “Annamaiyah” will be taking center stage in “Thirumala Vaibhavam” dance drama as “Lord Venkateshwara” along with Dr. Sinduri and a cast of professional dancers from India. This dance drama will be presented with hi-tech intelligent lights, beautiful settings and back-drops.

World famous Kathak dancers; Guru Jithendra Maharaj with Nalini - Kamalini duo.


Written by - Sri Indra Kanti Srikanth Sharma

With guidance of legendry movie writer Sri D. V. Narasa Raju

Music Composed by - Sri Babu Parameshwaran

Female Vocals by - Saroja Muralikrishnan

Directed & Choreographed by - Dr. Sinduri Jayasinghe

Produced by - Savithri Arts Academy (USA)

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   Bhrugu Maharshi wanted to test the respect and reverence of the “ThriMurthis” (Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu) towards their devotee saints. Bhrugu went to Brahamaloka and Kailas and tasted disrespect from Shiva and Brahma. Then he went to Vaikuntham and faced the same indifference from Vishnu. Enraged and angered, Bhrugu kicked Vishnu on his chest. Though Vishnu tolerated and even apologized for his indifference, Lakshmi took it seriously because Vishnu’s chest is her place. She left Vaikuntham in a huff. Vishnu searched for Lakshmi in all the heavenly lakes. He could not find her. Finally he came to Bhooloka to search for her. In fact Lakshmi went to her father’s house i.e., the god of the Ocean, where she was received with affection.

In Bhooloka, Padmavathi, the daughter of Akasaraju, saw Vishnu in her dream and fell in love with him. She told her father that she does not want to marry anyone else except Vishnu. Akasaraju sent

some maids to search for Vishnu, giving them a portrait of Vishnu painted by Padmavathi. The maids, having failed to locate Vishnu, decided to commit suicide because if they tell Padmavathi that they failed to find Vishnu, she may die of disappointment. Then Vishnu comes in disguise to the maids and tells them that Vishnu is staying in Thiruvela. The maids go to Thirumala and meet Vishnu in his original form. They tell him about Padmavathi’s plight.

Vishnu goes and sees Padmavathi and takes pity on her and agrees to marry her. The marriage is celebrated. Meanwhile, Lakshmi is insulted by the other members of the family in her father’s house suspecting some trouble between her and her husband. Offended by their behavior, Lakshmi leaves her Father’s house and comes to the shore of the ocean.

There she meets Adiseshu, Jaya and Vijaya, Vishwaksena left Vaikuntam and came to Bhooloka in search of Vishnu. Having heard that Vishnu left Vaikuntam, Lakshmi is very much depressed. Then Naradha informs her that Vishnu has married Padmavathi and is staying in Thirumala. Lakshmi accompanied by Adisesha and others comes to Thirumala. She falls flat on her husband for marrying another woman. Padmavathi intervenes and explains that Vishnu married her not out of love but out of pity on her. She assures Lakshmi that she will not occupy her place on the chest of Vishnu. She prefers to stay on the feet of the Lord. Lakshmi is thus pacified.





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